domingo, 11 de marzo de 2012


Timeless monochromatic river,

filled with tears and memories long ago forgotten

On the core, the door would open only to those who are in peace with their past.

Nostalgic actions,

black and white rumours of unfortunate events affecting the future.

Open and close the door.

Shall you change your past and accept your fate?... OF COURSE NOT!

Black night!

Bright Day!

Insipid waters of time, slow and fast flow

born from a colourless heart with no remorse; with no hope of beating again.

Timeless and mute land,

Where future and past will fuck,

giving birth to this confusing present.

This forsaken paradise is timelessly lost,

like your withered heart,

naïve mind and soulless childhood.

We are eternal mischief makers,

just ethereal memories

being rearranged by the innocent void.

We are timeless…just as an orphaned child’s sorrow.

This blissful ignorance is about to die.

When did theses endless wars begin?

Why this cemetery is not empty?

Nobody remembers.

 The answer is ancient, like dreams and many worlds.

We are frozen in time, just aged souvenirs of an extinct light.

Adam’s and Eve’s corpses rest

among the orchids that grew when Abel’s murder occurred,

 fertilized by the Serpent’s shit just after eating the couples heart.

I pity our timeless joy under the silent nights.

I wonder whether we could stay timeless as the stars

or whether we would get lost in this maze

called Love…