martes, 14 de febrero de 2012

Una noche en la que las lágrimas de arlequín se presentaron

El martes 10 de enero, presenté Lágrimas de Arlequín, mi nuevo poemario en la Posada del Ángel II en Barranco. La noche empezó a las 8 y media de la noche. Héctor Ñaupari presentó el libro con unas palabras muy conmovedoras. La noche avanzaba y el perfomance empezó con Roberto Palma como el arlequín, Estefanía Cuestas como la broma asesina y Diana Alcántara como la voz omnisciente. Yo hice el papel de director de escena, mientras que Ana Nuñez hizo de DJ (aunque no le gustó mucho, y hubiese preferido filmar) Ale Meneses maquilló a los actores y filmó.
Pero mejor vean el Video por ustedes mismos. Finalmente yo hablando del libro.

On January the 10th my book "Lágrimas de Arlequín" was introduced at the cultural bar: "La Posada del Ángel II" in Barranco, thanks to Freddy's helping hand. I decided to present a performance before I read my poems to my public. On this performance, a few friends helped me. Estefanía Cuestas was the Killing Joke, Roberto Palma was the Harlequin, Diana Alcántara was known as the Sexy Omniscient Voice. Ana Nuñez (my girlfriend) was in charge of the music, wrote the text performed and did the edition of this video while Alexandra Meneses Gómez was in charge of the camera operation. My eternal thanks to all of them.
I used several excerpts of songs, I do not own, as image songs, according to the story's development.
I do not want to infringe copyrights and I do not want to obtain benefit from the songs. That's why I credit each song, because as a writer I understand the importance of our art. Please do not delete my video or cancel de audio. I believe you could enjoy the performance. Sorry guys, just Spanish.

1. Image Song for the Harlequin: Professor Umbridge, from the Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix soundtrack, composed by Nicholas Hooper.
2. Image Song for the Killing Joke: White Rabbit, from Almost Alice (Alice in Wonderland), sung by Grace Potter and the Nocturnals. Originally it was composed by Grace Slick and sung by Jefferson Airplane.
3. For the seduction scene: Sweet Dreams (are made of this), covered by Marilyn Manson, but originally performed by Eurythmics, written by Annie Lennox and David A. Stewar.
4. For the love scene: Let me Fall from the Quidam soundtrack (Le Cirque Du Soleil) by Benoît Jutras.
5. For the betrayal scene: Reach for me now, from the Kà soundtrack (Le Cirque Du Soleil) by René Dupéré
6. For the epilogue: Hello Zepp, from the SAW soundtrack, composed by Charlie Clouser

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